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fr. gabriel tetherow says:  August 13, 2015 at 3:42 pm

“Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea is now a member of my community the Servants Minor of St. Francis and he is saying mass everyday and will soon be taking over a parish in Philadelphia.”

It has come to our attention that Tetherow is again passing around an argument offered in his defense which was formally retracted and apologized for many years ago.  Now that Tetherow is reforming his order we offer again a public evaluation of the man’s character.




I had direct experience dealing with Tetherow over several years.  In fact, I am the only one foolish enough to have defended this man in the public forum with credible arguments, a defense which I have publically apologized for because the arguments were proven to be entirely grounded upon lies, half-truths, and factual distortions provided by Tetherow.  Despite my public apology, Tetherow still passes the defense around.  If Tetherow wants to defend his name in this post or any other internet forum, I welcome the opportunity to confront him with his own record for the purpose of offering a charitable warning to other Catholics.  At any other time in the Church history Tetherow would never be permitted to be involved in pastoral care again.  At best he would be restricted to a monastery for a life of supervised penitence, and at worse, a life in clerical prison if he escaped burning at the stake. Virgil Bradley (Gabriel) Tetherow is a convicted felon on child pornography related charges and a homosexual.  The charge of “convicted felon” is a matter of public record.  The charge of homosexuality is based upon indirect evidence by his many associations with known homosexuals and a convicted homosexual child abuser who was his principle advocate whose assistance prevented him from going to prison.
His original group of "Servants Minor of St. Francis" approved by Bishop Timlin in Scranton was suppressed by Bishop Martino within a month after he took over the diocese, not as Tetherow claims because of his traditional Catholicism, but because his order was considered to be a scandalous playhouse by the diocese. Bishop Martino confiscated the assets of the order and Tetherow was made a diocesan cleric and given liberty to go to any parish in the diocese who would take him.

After the suppression, Tetherow went by his own choice, and not as he claims under obedience to Bishop Martino, to live with his checkered friend Fr. Michael Kloton, who had a reputation for pornography and long history of substance abuse, at the parish of St. Ann in Tobyhanna where Kloton was pastor. The friendship between Tetherow and Kloton before the suppression of his order was established by sworn affidavits by clerical staff at St. Ann parish and proven by photographic evidence.  Tetherow had on previous occasions taken the members of his order to St. Ann to be entertained by Kloton. Before Tetherow had taken up residence at St. Ann, Kloton was already under investigation by the Diocese of Scranton because the clerical employees of the parish had discovered and complained about pornography on the Kloton’s computers at the parish.  They provided evidence to Bishop Timlin who did nothing beyond sending his representatives to pressure the staff into dropping the matter and keeping their mouths shut.  It was the same St. Ann employees who described in a sworn statement that the members of Tetherow's order were notoriously “effeminate.”  It was while Tetherow was living at St. Ann with Kloton that Tetherow downloaded child pornography. Once the child pornography was discovered on Tetherow’s personal computer, the police were called and Kloton pointed the finger at Tetherow as the only possible culprit.

Tetherow confessed to the police of downloading child pornography. He was arrested and charged with ten counts related to downloading and using child pornography. He plea-bargained guilty to the lesser charge of misuse of a communication facility and was sentenced to two years in
Angelus_Fr.Arrested_1.jpgprison which was suspended on the condition that he serve the time at a monastery under the supervision of its one and only monk, Fr. Phillip (Angelus) Ferrara.  The monastery was Our Lady of Solitude Retreat Home in Little Meadows, PA.  Tetherow told everyone that he stayed at the monastery only to help an old and infirm monk with the care of the property and lend personal assistance.  Another lie! Ferrara is two years older than Tetherow and was in good enough health to be walked off the grounds in handcuffs by the police.  Not long after Tetherow completed his sentence, his friend and mentor, Fr. (Angelus) Ferrara, was arrested and charged for the homosexual abuse of a teenage boy, convicted, and sentenced to prison in Pennsylvania.  Tetherow’s confession to downloading child pornography was also made to the diocese of Scranton and affirmed again in his canonical case sent to Rome to contest his laicization by the diocese of Scranton.  Tetherow now claims that he pled guilty because he could not defend himself without violating the confessional seal.  That is nothing but another big ugly lie which cannot stand the light of close examination.  I leave it to anyone to ask an experienced priest regarding the merits of this claim.   

It was Tetherow’s friend, Fr. (Angelus) Ferrara, who wrote the letter of recommendation to Rome in support of Tetherow who was trying to canonically contest the process of laicization. Tetherow's canonical argument to Rome, I kid you not, was that he had a long standing addiction to pornography, and, after the suppression of his order, he became depressed and abused alcohol which lead to his indiscrete use of child pornography. His argument continued that since he had obtained clinical medical help and was no longer depressed or abusing alcohol, therefore his addiction to pornography was under control and consequently he was no longer likely to indulge in illegal forms of pornography, and therefore, he should not be laicized. 
Tetherow lost his canonical case and was laicized in 2015.  It should be emphasized that he was laicized through a formal canonical process in which he participated with canonical legal representation.  I do not know the competency of his legal representation but even Perry Mason could not have won his case.

I have personally caught Tetherow telling more lies than I can count or care to remember.   Even now, after more than five years of seeing this man, conversations with others uncover lies that he told.  Most of them are petty lies to puff-up his own image and usually include the demeaning others.  But his lies are habitual and I can throw more than dozen in his face that were witnessed by others that any Catholic would be ashamed to confess only because they are the work of small and petty soul.  If he tells anyone something in “confidence” they had better check the story out directly and at least twice with other sources. 


Anyone associated with Tetherow or his reconstituted order had better be aware of his record because they will end up making it their own.  Anyone who would entrust their spiritual direction or the spiritual welfare of their children to this man will have no excuse for any of the consequences that may follow.


A more detailed discussion of Tetherow's character can be found reading the CathInfo Blog posting:

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