SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission

P. O. Box 7352

York, PA 17404




October 16, 2004


Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades

4800 Union Deposit Road

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111


Encl: SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Chapel Bulletin for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost


Dear Bishop-elect Rhoades,


SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission has been formally established in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since July of 2002 and informally for several years before that.  The members of the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission have joined together to work toward the sanctification of their souls by restoring to the Diocese of Harrisburg, and by defending the Ecclesiastical Traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, the patrimony and right of all Catholics. The primary focus of these efforts are the propagation of the traditional Roman Rite of the Mass for the holy and acceptable public worship of God, as codified by Pope St. Pius V, and in the providing of sound traditional catechetical instructions for the purpose of promoting the greater glory of God and to obtain the conversion of souls to the Catholic Church, "outside of which there is no salvation". The members observe holy Catholic obedience to our Holy Father, the Pope of Rome and his delegated representative, the local ordinary of the Diocese of Harrisburg, in all things that are not contrary to, or could in any way impede, the restoration and defense of the immemorial traditions of the Catholic Church. 


The Members, in following the exhortation of Pope St. Pius X to "restore all things in Christ", bound together in acts of prayer and penance, will engage in any form of Catholic Action that is related to the divine mission of the Church in extending the Kingdom of God to everyone: individuals, families and society.  So help us God.


In pursuit of this noble and holy purpose we have purchased a chapel centrally located in the historical district of York at 129 S. Beaver Street.  An offer was extended to your predecessor, the late Bishop Dattilo, to dedicate this Catholic chapel according to the traditional Roman Rite but the invitation was unfortunately declined.  That same invitation is now, with all due respect, extended to yourself.


Regardless of any decision on your part, we remain loyal Catholics, first to our Faith in all its doctrinal and moral integrity, to the traditional and perfect liturgical outward expression of this Faith without compromise which we hold by right, to our Holy Father, John Paul II, and his appointed local ordinary, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades.  Your welfare will always be remembered in the traditional Roman Rite of Mass offered in our chapel.


Sincerely in Christ,





David Drew


SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission