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November 25, 2007


Mr. Robert Charlton

849 Wynnewood Road

Camp Hill, PA 17011


Dear Bob,


It was nice to hear from you and to learn that Bishop Rhoades will establish a traditional community in Harrisburg.  I am pleased, very pleased with this development.  The location of the Indult communities throughout this country corresponds almost exactly with the location of previously established traditional chapels.  The traditional sacraments, administered in an esthetically beautiful setting in a central location are being made available in Harrisburg because they are available in York. This however is not the final end for which Ss. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission was constituted. 


A certified letter was sent to Bishop Rhoades last July and just recently posted on the “open letters” site of the Ss. Peter and Paul web page.  He has yet to respond although he does, in strict justice, have a serious moral obligation to do so.  He could approve our request, submit our request to our Holy Father for his authoritative judgment, or he could initiate a judicial process of coercion that would eventually find its way to Rome.  Any action taken would be acceptable for our purpose.


I would be most grateful, should you have an opportunity to approach Bishop Rhoades on this question, that you might possibly remind him of our letter sent last July and that a failure to respond on his part would create a legal presumption of approval.  Regardless of what Bishop Rhoades chooses to do, his welfare is remembered daily during a Holy Hour at Ss. Peter and Paul Chapel.  May God grant that it will do him some good.


On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, the Mass will be offered at Ss. Peter and Paul Chapel at 10:00 AM by Fr. Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center.  After the Mass, in reparation to our Blessed Mother, there will be a public procession for six blocks to the conference center. Lunch will be served and followed by lectures from Fr. Gruner and Mr. John Vennari, the editor of Catholic Family News. The conference is free, and you, and anyone you may care to invite, are most welcome to attend.


Please extend my regards to your dear wife.



Sincerely in Christ,

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David Drew